Every day I hope. That today is the day you decide.

The day you decided you couldn’t take it anymore.

I had to be in your life. Every day.

It would be different than before. 


You wanted me.

needed me. 

Loved me.

You told me you only wanted me to be happy. You told me you loved me and would always love me.

You made me promise it wasn’t the end.

So I hope.

Is it today? Will I be happy today? Will I be loved again?

And every night, I go to bed knowing 

not today,

not today.

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Winona Ryder, photographed by Glen Luchford for “rag & bone”, F/W 14.
(click the image for extremely high-res photo.)

Forty Nine People’s Meditation, 2004, Ahn, Chang Hong

Philippe Caza illustrations from Les Monstres du Placard #1, 70’s


Ruth Duckworth, An English studio ceramic bowl, n.d.

Lisa Simpson is my spirit animal now and always